My First Drive in a $2.5m FERRARI F60 AMERICA!

Added on Jul 2, 2020

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This is the truly stunning Ferrari F60 America and my first experience to drive it! This car is number 1 of only 10 built in total to celebrate Ferrari's 60th anniversary in North America, and you can join me now to go through the ins and outs and have a very special opportunity to get a feel for the incredibly exclusive supercar.

With huge thanks to the owner, especially considering the car carries less than 100 miles on the clock, let's explore this exceptionally special and significant car. The F60 America is a hugely rare car and one that I never thought I might have the opportunity to take the wheel of myself. With both the value and the brand new engine to take into consideration, it's such an amazing chance to share it with you.

Introduced in late 2014 at an event in Beverly Hills that I was fortunate enough to attend, a grand total of just 10 customer cars were ever built and they were all sold before reveal for $2.5 million a piece. Based on the platform and chassis of the F12 Berlinetta, the F60 features upgrades to the 6.3l V12 in line with that of the F12 TDF for a total of 780hp. Visually the exterior is entirely bespoke and most importantly features the configuration of a front-mid V12 engine in a 2 seater convertible; something you rarely see outside of Ferrari's own history with the 275 NART Spider, 365 Daytona Spider, 575 Superamerica and 599 SA Aperta.

I cannot emphasise enough that with barely any miles on the clock and a brand new engine that is not yet run in, the absolute priority is to look after and respect the car, but in any case the opportunity to even pilot it for a handful of miles is something I really do thank the owner for making possible. This car is right up towards the top of my dream list, both for the historical reasons but also for its style and configuration. After a brief drive I am in no way disappointed and am sure that there are some very lucky owners out there with these in their collections!

Thanks for watching, Tim


Episode titleMy First Drive in a $2.5m FERRARI F60 AMERICA!
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