Added on Oct 19, 2020

The Shmeemobiles


My new Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster is here! It's been a long time coming but the newest Shmeemobile is almost ready to be collected and join the others in the garage. Let's go take a sneak peak to check it out as well as a stop at Topaz Detailing to see a huge transformation taking place to Shmarc150's M2 Competition!

Having owned the GT R, currently having the GT R Pro, and with the GT Black Series to arrive in future, there's no question I'm fairly addicted to the AMG GT platform. The GT R Roadster is one of 750 being made, and mine is finished in Hyacinth Red with the RXC wheels in satin black along with a fairly unique interior. A few months ago I said the car was nearly here and there has indeed been a bit of a hold up owing to a spec question but we are just about ready no for collection. Simultaneously, I've also been making the plans for what's going to happen next, some of which I've talked about before, but stay tuned because this will be fun.

That's not the only stop of the day though, as Shmarc150's BMW M2 Competition is currently at Topaz Detailing for an entire transformation to a Turbomeister inspired design. With the main body going bright orange, it'll be finished with a bespoke set of decals applied with clever techniques along the way.

My final stop is to visit another possible Shmuseum unit, although we'll have to see if it comes to fruition. Either way, exciting times as we approach towards the delivery day finally of the AMG GT R Roadster!


Episode titleMy AMG GT R Roadster HAS ARRIVED!
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