My AMG GT R Pro TOP SPEED VMAX DRIVE! 319km/h 198mph

Added on Jul 9, 2020

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That's Vmax in the AMG GT R Pro! With a full Race Start and clear stretch, the Pro reaches an electronically limited top speed of 319km/h (198mph) on the open and de-restricted German Autobahns. The speed with which it gets there, and the stability it has at such speeds is quite remarkable, this is an epic machine!

The Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro officially claims a top speed of 318km/h (198mph), identical to that of the regular AMG GT R which is quite surprising as normally the addition of more downforce with the extra splitter, flics and gurney on the spoiler would create drag at the high end. Nonetheless after having gone to 330km/h (205mph) in my previously RENNtech tuned GT R, it will be fascinating to see what the completely stock GT R Pro with OPF can achieve.

The GT R Pro is powered by a 4.0l twin turbo V8 with 585hp and 700nm, through a 7 speed dual clutch and all going to the rear wheels. It's a limited edition model with only 750 to be produced, of course more at home on the race track and after completing the running-in process the first place mine went was to the Nurburgring, where it has now completed a number of outings around the Nordschleife.

Prior to heading out, the car has had a check-over, the tyres are all good and inflated to the recommended pressures for fast running of 38psi front and 39psi rear. With luck then on side, there's an opportunity to complete a full Race Start from 0km/h all the way through to Vmax in approximately 41 seconds on the empty and open, de-restricted German Autobahn. The top is a forced electronic limiter where clearly there would be another +5km/h perhaps to go with the conditions to do so and obviously the limiter removed.


Episode titleMy AMG GT R Pro TOP SPEED VMAX DRIVE! 319km/h 198mph
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