McLaren Speedtail - ANOTHER New Model?! | FIRST LOOK

Added on Oct 26, 2018

First look


The McLaren Speedtail is the full name for the upcoming Hyper-GT that until now has been known as BP23. Joining the Ultimate Series alongside the Senna, the Speedtail will be the fastest McLaren ever produced, eclipsing the 243mph achieved by the F1. For now details are tight, but let's have a run through of what we do know!

With 106 Speedtails to be built in total to mirror the number of F1s from the 1990s, it will come at a cost of £1.6m plus local taxes - make that £1.92m in the UK for example - all units are long spoken for.

The latest teaser that has been released for the Speedtail announces the name of the long-awaited 3 seater project and gives a small insight to the streamlined nature of the design. It will be the fastest car in the world with more than 2 seats, and the most luxurious McLaren to date.

What does the name mean? Well let's have a talk through McLaren's naming structure and where the new Speedtail fits into the line-up.


Episode titleMcLaren Speedtail - ANOTHER New Model?! | FIRST LOOK
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