McLaren 765LT Runs RECORD 1/4 Mile in 8.916s!

Added on Feb 14, 2021

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It hasn't taken long for the McLaren 765LT to break the 9s 1/4 mile time! At Palm Beach International Raceway, @petfred's new 765LT achieves an insane 8.916s. Despite the heat and humidity, with just downpipes and a tune, it has no problems showing what it can do.

The 765LT has quickly become the new undisputed supercar drag racing champion, capable of achieving 9.3s times in stock configuration when equipped with Toyo R888r tires. Brooks from DragTimes has taken numerous runs out with his to demonstrate exactly what it can do, even getting into the 9.3s range on the stock Pirelli Pzero tyres too.

However, roll-up @petfred's 765LT, a car already fitted with downpipes and a tune to take power up to 894hp at the wheels. With M Engineering in charge of the tune, Brooks and Gidi at the wheel, and the car set for action at Palm Beach International Raceway... impressive times are expected.

Fastest run: ET 8.916s

MPH 157.85

60' 1.460


Episode titleMcLaren 765LT Runs RECORD 1/4 Mile in 8.916s!
Episode number1
Date addedFebruary 14, 2021
Original dateFebruary 13, 2021
Run time10:36


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