Manhart MH5 700 - Does the BMW M5 Need More Power?

Added on Jul 3, 2018

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This is the very first look at the brand new Manhart MH5 700! Take the new BMW F90 M5, raise it to a figure in excess of 700 horsepower and torque to almost 900nm, while tuning the exhaust, suspension and installing some carbon fibre parts, what is not to love?! While visiting Manhart, I get to take the very first ever look at their latest creation before taking it for a test drive out on the Autobahn to feel the performance.The Manhart MH5 700 features the MHtronik box that takes the numbers from the original 600hp and 750nm to the new output of 723hp and 870nm. In addition it is fitted with Manhart's carbon fibre components including: front spoiler, rear diffuser, rear spoiler, and in future the carbon fibre bonnet. The wheels are the Concave One in 21", and it is also fitted with Manhart's rather thunderous exhaust system.After the first reveal with the covers removed, let's take a walkaround to discuss the changes before jumping in for a test drive on the road. That takes me over towards the Autobahn for an experience up to around 300km/h to feel the delivery of the power.


Episode titleManhart MH5 700 - Does the BMW M5 Need More Power?
Episode number12
Date addedJuly 3, 2018
Run time22:58
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