Le MANSORY is the CRAZIEST Ford GT in the World!

Added on Jul 1, 2020

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You haven't seen anything as insane as the brand new Le MANSORY! This is well and truly a new Ford GT on steroids, one of 6 that Mansory will transform with an entirely new look, new headlights, a boost to power and a huge increase in noise. It's certifiably insane and I've been lucky enough to experience the first ever drive in it!

The name Le MANSORY nods towards the Ford GT's racing success as well as being the ultimate creation they have introduced to date. Only 6 conversions will be made in total, from the 1,300 or so Ford GTs that are being made of the limited edition model, each configured to be bespoke. Power from the ecoBoost 3.5l Twin Turbo V6 is now up to 710hp and 840nm from the standard 656hp and 746nm with an entirely new triple exit valve-controlled exhaust system.

Visually the car is presented in a multi-layer paint called Bluerion Race, with an almost chrome like finish that contrasts against the large chequered flag style carbon fibre. The bodywork is entirely new, sitting significantly wider than standard, longer, and vastly more aggressive. The front wears a new look thanks to new headlights and running lights brought into the design along with a new style of carbon finish that looks like the scales of a reptile. Throughout there are changes including the arch louvres, double roof scoop and second layer fixed wing at the rear. Naturally the interior sees a complete re-trim too including a new steering wheel and the movement of the start button to the roof.

After taking a first look around Mansory's latest introduction at their HQ, it's time to take it on out for a first ever drive on the road to experience quite how crazy this car is. I'm not sure I've ever driven something like it, absolutely mental in every possible way!


Episode titleLe MANSORY is the CRAZIEST Ford GT in the World!
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Date addedJuly 1, 2020
Original dateJune 30, 2020
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