LAFERRARI AND DIVO! This is How Dubai Does Supercar Convoys

Added on Dec 3, 2021

Supercar Test Drives


Supercar convoys in Dubai never disappoint! With my AMG GT Black Series, we join Supercars Majlis for a drive out to Ain Dubai with over 50 cars including a Bugatti Divo and Ferrari LaFerrari for the 50th UAE National Day. What a start to this adventure!

I've met up with the team from Supercars Majlis for a number of events and drives before, but have been tremendously excited to get involved with my very own car here, and finally it's time to make that happen. With the AMG GT Black Series Shmeemobile on the ground in the UAE, we get started from Pzero World for the drive joined by a squadron of brightly coloured Ferraris, McLarens, Lamborghinis and more. The destination: Ain Dubai, and a display underneath that draws some attention.


Episode titleLAFERRARI AND DIVO! This is How Dubai Does Supercar Convoys
Episode number1
Date addedDecember 3, 2021
Run time19:44


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