Jump Inside the Aston Martin Valkyrie! | FIRST LOOK

Added on Nov 15, 2017

First look


Join me for a first full look at the inside of the defining hypercar of the next generation; the Aston Martin Valkyrie! With the interior remaining a secret up until now, I have the opportunity to take a seat inside the prototype model to get a feel for what this car is really going to be like! Could you imagine anything more like a Le Mans car to drive on the road?

Named Valkyrie from Norse Mythology, where the Valkyries chose who would like and die in battle, the project between Aston Martin and Red Bull features design by Marek Reichman and engineering by Adrian Newey; between whom it seems anything is possible! Supported by a serious set of partners; Cosworth, Rimac, Bosch, Ricardo and more, the Valkyrie looks set to have circa 1,000hp and weigh just 1,000kg to reach the mythical 1:1 power to weight ratio. With a V12 behind, a carbon teardrop shell with the thinnest of pads for seats, and bodywork that is more of a spectacle by where you don't see things than where you do, I cannot wait for the Aston Martin Valkyrie to arrive on the roads.


Episode titleJump Inside the Aston Martin Valkyrie! | FIRST LOOK
Episode number5
Date addedNovember 15, 2017
Run time12:35
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