Added on Nov 27, 2020

The Shmeemobiles


I've gone electric and bought a Porsche Taycan Turbo S to join the Shmeemobiles! It's collection day of the surprise new addition to my garage and the first EV I've ever owned. I'm excited for the experiences ahead and to have returned a Porsche back to the collection, but there are immediately some changes in the making... As a typical car guy and fan of the biggest possible combustion engine in my cars, I've often wondered about the world of electric cars and whether it could work for me. Fundamentally it's going to be a challenge as I have zero access to charging at home, however my intrigue in the technology, infrastructure and driving experience has kept my eyes open to giving it a go. Earlier this year I drove the Porsche Taycan for the first time, also a Turbo S model, and was blown away that this car is a Porsche first, and EV second, as opposed to just about every other player in the market that reverses the roles and tries too hard to be something else. From the launch of the Mission-E it's always been an interesting project, and the Taycan managed to bring in that style, while also fitting the bill as a sensible looking Porsche. Having previously owned two Porsches; a 981 Cayman GT4 and 991.2 911 GT3, there's been a notable absence until recently but along came the perfect spec Taycan Turbo S for me and I thought why not just go for it and learn what the EV world is all about! Welcome then, SH70 MEE, to the Shmeemobiles. The car is a very high spec in Volcano Grey, with the Sport Design package, PDCC (Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control), Olea leather upgrade, panoramic roof, passenger display and so many more it would be hard to list everything. This is where the journey begins, heading with the AMG G63 to the Porsche Centre Hatfield to collect a product from another brand based in Stuttgart, Germany. With the weather massively against us for the day, come along with me for the collection experience in the current circumstances and the first drive back home to the garage. This is really just the start though as the visual side of the spec will be dramatically changed and very soon in a totally unique specification - stay tuned! I'm excited to have partnered with Approved Motor Finance who have successfully helped with the funding side of the Taycan. The team behind Approved Finance were responsible for the financing of all the Shmeemobiles you've seen in recent years, from the Senna and Ford GT to the new GT R Roadster and Taycan Turbo S.


Episode titleI'VE BOUGHT A PORSCHE TAYCAN TURBO S! My First EV in the Garage
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Date addedNovember 27, 2020
Original dateNovember 26, 2020
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