Is there Space for a Ferrari 812 GTS in My Garage?

Added on Dec 3, 2019

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It's no secret I like the Ferrari 812 Superfast a lot, and now with the 812 GTS arriving with a folding hard top, is it one to add to my garage? Join me for plenty of V12 noise out in Dubai to experience what the Ferrari 812 is all about.

Ferrari have very kindly made it possible for me to spend some time behind the wheel of the 812 Superfast during my visit to Dubai, UAE. And I tell you what, it only reinforces my belief that this is one of the greatest cars of our time to actually drive. The combination of the 800hp 6.5l NA V12 mounted mid-front, the two seat Super-GT configuration and spectacular looks make it an absolutely winning package.

After driving the 812 in the UK at the start of the year I promptly purchased my GTC4Lusso to ensure I could get the most of this experience before V12 engines are no more while also using it as a virtually daily practical car. At the time the 812 had only just arrived in the UK and 'used' cars were trading at a premium whereas now the market has settled to normal and the arrival of the 812 GTS is imminent.

For the first time in many years, Ferrari have introduced a folding roof to their premium GT with the new GTS. It's a match for the Coupe but with the bonus of the option for the roof down driving experience and even the ability to lower the rear window alone.

As to adding an 812 to the garage, does it make sense? Not necessarily! However, as a person who loves cars and the current golden era of automobiles, this would be something to treasure and that makes me very seriously consider making the move for it. Time will tell what decision I might make but in any case I cannot speak more highly of a car than this.


Episode titleIs there Space for a Ferrari 812 GTS in My Garage?
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