Is the Mercedes EQC the Rival to Crush Tesla? | FIRST LOOK

Added on Jun 19, 2018

First look


The game is heating up with plenty of newcomers to the electric SUV block, one of which is Mercedes with the new EQC. It will go head to head with Tesla and more in competition for market space as we shift towards the power source for everyday vehicles.

I head to the Tabernas Desert in the South of Spain to greet a prototype vehicle undergoing hot weather testing ahead of the full reveal in September, to learn a little more about what it's going to be like and the technology that Mercedes are using. With intentions to launch 10 full models (of which this is the 4th after 3 from Smart) by 2022, it's going to be quite significant but this is the first to wear the Mercedes badge in their new brand line-up. After a walkaround to pick out some features of the EQC behind its additional hard plastic and disguising livery, I join Peter Kolb (Vehicle Testing for EQC) and Wolfgang Weurth (spokesperson for Mercedes EQ) as we go for a drive on both the road and even a dynamic test on track.

Although there will be plenty more to see, initially I can get a feel for what it is going to offer in terms of the line-up and performance, but also an understanding of the technology - including the use of shift-paddles to adjust the different power regeneration modes.

Nonetheless, the strangest sensation is the acceleration even with 410hp from the dual 150kw motors offering instant torque, but without the drama of engine noise giving no sense of what's happening on camera!


Episode titleIs the Mercedes EQC the Rival to Crush Tesla? | FIRST LOOK
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