Is the Honda NSX a Taste of the FUTURE!?

Added on Aug 2, 2016

Supercar Test Drives


The new Honda NSX is here! I'm fortunate enough to head to Estoril in Portugal to test it out on both the track and road. For those of you in the USA, the car is sold as the Acura NSX on your shores.

With a lot of time to get to know the car, we thoroughly explore it on the race circuit in the various driving modes before heading off for a few hours on the road. Ultimately it's back to Estoril for a more detailed look around before handing back the keys.

No question, the NSX has some very clever technology and as pointed out during the video, it's clever tech that's so neatly integrated you don't need to be clever to understand and use it. It may have taken a while to reach the market but now that it's here, those lucky few who have secured one have a lot to look forward to!


Episode titleIs the Honda NSX a Taste of the FUTURE!?
Episode number9
Date addedAugust 2, 2016
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