Is the BMW M4 GTS the Ultimate M4?

Added on Jun 3, 2017

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The BMW M4 GTS is the top model of the M4 line but starts with a price tag of more than double the base car. Also in the line-up to the GTS you find the Competition Package, the new M4 CS and then the M4 GTS up top; but how do they compare and is it worth £121,000?

With 500 horsepower, a fixed roll cage, new aero parts including bright orange highlights and a very shouty exhaust system, the BMW M4 GTS was produced in very limited numbers with only 700 on the roads globally before the additional 200 BMW M4 DTM Championship Editions that have been released to celebrate the win in the 2016 DTM Series.


Episode titleIs the BMW M4 GTS the Ultimate M4?
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Date addedJune 3, 2017
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