I'M SELLING ALL OF MY DAILY CARS! 4 Shmeemobiles Including the G63

Added on Jan 23, 2022

The Shmeemobiles


It's time for a garage shuffle! I'm selling 4 of my 'daily' cars ahead of some new arrivals in the collection, and in a bit of a surprise that includes the AMG G63 alongside my Porsche Taycan, GR Yaris and BMW M3.

During 2021 there were 9 new additions to the Shmeemobiles but only 2 cars departed, thanks in part to having @The Shmuseum to store them, but it does mean a 'balancing' is needed with a few heading out ahead of the next cars to land. In the near future will be the Ferrari SF90, Lotus Emira and Zenvo TSR-S, but that's not all...!

The biggest surprise of the 4 departures will no doubt be the AMG G63 after over 2.5 years, and that's not because I don't like the car but rather because the values are sky high at the moment and my business-sense says it's time to let it go ahead of hopefully adding the facelift version when it arrives in a year or so.

The GR Yaris will probably be no surprise considering the lack of interest I've shown for it, for some reason I have never jelled with it as a project like I did with my Focus RS Red Edition before.

In the case of the Taycan Turbo S, the EV experience has been great but I'm keen to try other styles of EV cars and ready for a change, especially again considering the values on it at the moment. A few months ago they were sitting much further below list price than they are now, so after 14 months it just seems time for it to move on.

Lastly is the BMW M3 Competition; which I will actually put into daily driver duties for at least the next couple of months before something else is going to be arriving for daily service.

Looking longer term, these are all cars that were never intended for the long haul as part of my permanent collection, and in terms of timings it's a good opportunity to refresh as we head fully into 2022. I haven't been able to have as much fun with the GR Yaris as planned thanks to the various travel restrictions along the way, but the G63 and Taycan have both had a very good innings so far.


Episode titleI'M SELLING ALL OF MY DAILY CARS! 4 Shmeemobiles Including the G63
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Date addedJanuary 23, 2022
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