I Found THAT F12tdf! And Drove a 1000hp TT Huracan

Added on Mar 17, 2018

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I finally found the yellow F12tdf! But not only that, I drove a 1,000hp twin turbo Huracan Avio, then explored the ultimate Ferrari 'man cave' garage, before the Lamborghini shot the most ridiculous flames through a tunnel... now that was a supercar day in New Zealand! Starting out meeting with Chris @fly_pelican_fly__ to check out his 1-of-250 Lamborghini Huracan Avio - with a difference! Rather than the normal 610hp 5.2l V10, the Avio has a twin turbo system with over 1,000hp at the crank, a completely new exhaust system and ECU setup, and you've just got to hear the noise of that turbo spool.You may also remember that in my first video here in New Zealand I talked about how a yellow Ferrari F12tdf had passed me in the opposite direction, well thanks to social media and @martinberryracing I was introduced to the owner of the car, @grantkbaker - who invited me to come down and view his incredible garage! Like the man cave of my dreams, the TDF sits in the company of his LaFerrari Aperta, 599 GTO, Speciale and 812 Superfast. Not only that, but the walls and shelves are lined with fantastic Ferrari and motorsport merchandise accumulated over the years, making it almost like a museum to explore. On departing from the wonderful collection, we stop off for a quick opportunity to hear the noise of the Huracan Avio, before a tunnel blast like none other!



Episode titleI Found THAT F12tdf! And Drove a 1000hp TT Huracan
Episode number8
Date addedMarch 17, 2018
Run time14:46
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