I BOUGHT a WRECK! This was My First Car

Added on Jul 13, 2020

The Shmeemobiles


Sadly, there's no fairytale ending to the hunt for my first ever car! It was once a lovely 2005 Renault Clio, and is now a crushed wreck of scrap metal. However, after tracking it down, I had to buy back what is left of it to keep so the memories can live on!

A while ago I started the hunt to see if I could find my first car, that I had owned from 2005-2008 and driven 30,000 miles including so many memories, with an idea that it could be a great addition to my future Shmuseum. With records showing at the time that it was still on the road, we managed to trace it to a used car dealer and then eventually to the owner, however I was just too late...

Right before, it had been involved in a little fender bender, nothing huge but unfortunately enough to write-it off by insurance due to the low value of the car (around £1,000 in good condition) and that meant it had to legally go to a breakers to be crushed. The hunt was well and truly on to try and find it before that would happen but unfortunately it was again just too late, it had become a box of scrap metal.

However, with the help of Tom, we managed to find the scrap yard that had it, and they helped dig it out and eventually transport it to Dub Customs to now decide what we do next! In some form it needs to be turned into furniture, a sculpture, some small parts, or something so that the memory of the Clio can live on from here. Perhaps we can start unfolding some metal, pulling out various parts from within, maybe get lucky and find the chassis plate, there are lots of ideas floating around.

To go and see it, I was keen to bring out the Senna, both for a drive, but also to have what's left of the first car I ever owned alongside the craziest car that has ever been one of the Shmeemobiles. While this might not have been the perfect outcome for the story, looking at the positive side it will be great to make something of it and in some form keep a part of it forever.

Thanks for watching, Tim


Episode titleI BOUGHT a WRECK! This was My First Car
Episode number58
Date addedJuly 13, 2020
Original dateJuly 11, 2020
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