Here's Why the Ferrari F50 is My Favourite Car!

Added on Jul 2, 2020

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The Ferrari F50 is an icon that I often refer to as my favourite car, and here you'll find out why! Join me in Miami for an experience driving chassis #001 to hear the V12 and enjoy what it's all about. The poster car of my generation and in this case @dennis_akoyaking's particularly special one too, the Ferrari F50 ticks every box!

The Ferrari F50 mixes a few spectacular elements, a gated manual gearbox hooked up to a 4.7l naturally aspirated V12 derived from Formula 1, all of which can be enjoyed with the roof section removed for the noise and open air experience. This particular F50 came right at the beginning of the line and as such has a number of differences and unique elements to other cars; including the yellow pin stripe around the bodywork, a fire extinguisher inside and two seat belts for each occupant.

After initially exploring the car inside the garage, let's get it fired up and brought out into the Miami sunshine to have a proper look. Then it's my turn to get behind the wheels and have a short drive to see what it's about and explain why the Ferrari F50 is my favourite car out there.


Episode titleHere's Why the Ferrari F50 is My Favourite Car!
Episode number7
Date addedJuly 2, 2020
Original dateAugust 6, 2019
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