Here's the New McLaren 720S Spider - The Roof is Off! | FIRST LOOK

Added on Dec 9, 2018

First look


The McLaren 720S Spider doesn't just open up the roof, but does so in style and with totally new technology! With a folding electrochromic glass panel that whisks away in just 11 seconds in near-silence, it changes the game for convertible supercars.

During the 2018 McLaren Winter Ball, the covers came off the new McLaren 720S Spider, the convertible member of the Super Series family for the guests in attendance. Alongside a fantastic array of McLaren models including the F1, P1, Senna and Speedtail, we can take a look at a number of different specs for the Spider and of course a thorough look at the roof itself.

With floating buttresses that sit behind for airflow, cooling and made from glass for additional visibility, the single large roof panel folds back under the tonneau cover in just 11 seconds. The large piece itself also offers electronically control tinting or a full panoramic view, while maintaining the flowing and smooth lines of the 720S Coupe. With a number of changes made to the Monocage II-S tub and the door hinges with the changed roof layout, the Spider is presented in the launch colour of Belize Blue (and also here in Memphis Red and Pure White), along with a new wheel design.


Episode titleHere's the New McLaren 720S Spider - The Roof is Off! | FIRST LOOK
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