GT8 AUTOBAHN DASH! 500 Miles to Germany and Full Throttle

Added on Oct 7, 2020

The Shmeemobiles


It's a first with my Aston Martin Vantage GT8; a road trip to the German Autobahn! Coming up towards being 4 years old, the GT8 is a permanent Shmeemobile in my garage but notably it's never had a proper run, so let's change that! First stop, to let it roar to the redline...

My Vantage GT8 has traveled on 3 prior occasions; firstly to Scotland when it was quite new, then transported to and from Italy for Fuel Faction DUE, and finally being driven by Joe Achilles and BenzeneBen on Ring Wing Ting. Since then, it's been a notable absentee from my trips and adventures after the original plans for the earlier part of this year all had to be cancelled. This then is of course the perfect opportunity to get it back on the road and add many more to the 7,000 miles it has covered to date!


Episode titleGT8 AUTOBAHN DASH! 500 Miles to Germany and Full Throttle
Episode number84
Date addedOctober 7, 2020
Original dateOctober 3, 2020
Run time17:24
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