'FIRST DRIVE' in My McLaren 675LT Spider!

Added on Aug 11, 2020

The Shmeemobiles


My McLaren 675LT Spider is back! The Shmeemobile has been away for far too long, but now it's ready to be collected from Topaz, and taken straight out for a 'first drive'. After issues have kept it away for a year, this will be no more, it's now time to get it driven, enjoyed, and used as it was built to be. What a car it is too!

Reminiscent of the day I originally collected the oldest of the Shmeemobiles, it's over to Topaz Detailing for the handover and heading out for a drive. In August 2016, I took delivery of the 675LT Spider following on from owning the 12C, 650S Spider, 675LT Coupe and then into my 4th McLaren P11 platform car. Since then it had some great trips; Fuel Faction DUE to Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro, down to Monaco for Top Marques, laps of the Nurburgring and back-to-back drives with my Senna at Spa-Francorchamps.

However, last year it fell victim to a problem that many McLarens have at this age, the body panels suffer oxidation which requires them to be replaced. The problem with this grew as the paint colour was created as a one-off at MSO in the purple with blue metallic flake which has turned out to be rather difficult for the paint supplier and bodyshop to match. The further the inconvenience along the way, the bonnet also picked up some areas of oxidation which meant it has now been replaced with a new carbon fibre piece.

The last time I drove the 675LT more than just a few miles in central London, was actually now over a year ago. Through a combination of factors including the work being done, getting it back for a photoshoot in January for 10 years of Shmee150, my own long trips abroad to the USA and Middle-East, and more recently the entire shut downs due to the virus, it's stretched out longer than we could have imagined which has been immensely frustrating.

Looking to the bright side though, it was signed off, and it's back in my garage to enjoy! With the weather perfectly on side, it's straight out for a drive in the countryside.


Episode title'FIRST DRIVE' in My McLaren 675LT Spider!
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