FERRARI DREAM DRIVE: 288 GTO vs F40 vs F50 vs Enzo

Added on Jun 22, 2020

Hypercar test drives


There are dream days, and then there was this day! Back-to-back trying out the Ferrari 288 GTO, F40, F50 and Enzo, four of the company's legendary hypercars.

Running in chronological order, I start out with the cars lined up before taking the 288 GTO for a run. The car was originally built for Group B racing before the series ended and a run of 272 (+2 prototypes) made it out onto the road as the homologated version.

Next it's into the iconic Ferrari F40, a development of the same platform and still with the Twin Turbocharged V8. Over 1,300 were made in total, and for good reason because even to this day it's a spectacular machine.

It's then a start with the yellow cars, and the F50, roof off naturally. With a 4.7l V12 derived from the Ferrari F1 car's engine from the 1990 season, it comes with a sound to do for.

Finally to round out the quad of hypercars it's the Ferrari Enzo - named after the company founder himself. Continuing the V12 trend we now have a paddle-shift box, doors that open upwards and in this case a bypass exhaust system for added noise.

Having never driven any of these cars before, and starting off from Rossocorsa in Milan, Italy, it meant a short and very careful drive in each car however that's enough for a teaser of what they are each about. I'd like to thank Greg once again for making this monumental day possible, for sure one of the best of my life!


Episode titleFERRARI DREAM DRIVE: 288 GTO vs F40 vs F50 vs Enzo
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Date addedJune 22, 2020
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