Ferrari Collector David Lee's F12 TDF is STUNNING! | TEST DRIVE

Added on Sep 3, 2018

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This has to be one of the most stunning and best specs for a Ferrari F12 TDF anywhere! I returned to Ferrari Collector David Lee's garage to take a look around at his fantastic collection before we then go out for a drive in his F12 TDF to enjoy everything that is so very special about this car.

I've met with David many times over the years, and filmed videos before in his garage including a ride in the Ferrari Enzo. Back during that visit we talked about the F12 TDF that was due to arrive and now that it's here, I honestly have to say it is incredible. Designed to pay tribute to his 250 Lusso Competizione; a 1960s Ferrari converted from the road spec for racing, it mimics the details throughout from colours and accents to the full interior highlights of the seats and the roof liner.

Any F12 TDF is a particularly special car, not only is it exceptionally valubale (at least $1 million) due to the limited numbers and difficulty to get hold of one, but it is of course also an incredible driving experience. First and foremost, the sound from that glorious Ferrari V12 in the more track orientated version of the car resonates through the entirety of your body, but equally the excitement and drama that comes being sat behind the wheel.

After initially exploring the garage and the TDF in detail, comparing it with the 250, it's time to pull it out with David at the wheel before he kindly offers me the keys to experience what it's all about!


Episode titleFerrari Collector David Lee's F12 TDF is STUNNING! | TEST DRIVE
Episode number4
Date addedSeptember 3, 2018
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