Ferrari BR20 FIRST LOOK! How do you Buy a Special Project?

Added on Nov 14, 2021

First look


The latest product from Ferrari's Special Projects Programme has arrived, the new Ferrari BR20! Based on a GTC4Lusso V12, the BR20 features styling cues from iconic Ferraris of the 1950s and 60s, and highly bespoke coachbuilt. Let's check it out!

Following on from the likes of the SP12-EC for Eric Clapton, and the SP38 Deborah, the new BR20 is the latest from Ferrari's one-off series that are offered as exclusive opportunities to the VIP customers. In this case, being based on the V12 Lusso means a 6.3l NA V12 with 690hp, and with the 4 wheel drive system, but sporting a Coupe body style with heritage design cues.

The Special Projects Programme allows customers to be part of the full process from inception to design and ultimately the build of their one-off car. This is an opportunity only presented to the very top customers who have shown their loyalty to Ferrari and the cars are rarely, if ever, sold on afterwards due to the exclusive programme to make them. It's not something a customer can ask to buy, but only comes by invitation.

With very few details yet available, let's take in what we do know about the new Ferrari BR20!


Episode titleFerrari BR20 FIRST LOOK! How do you Buy a Special Project?
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Date addedNovember 14, 2021
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