FERRARI 812 GTS! Why Have I Not Bought One... YET?

Added on Jan 19, 2022

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I make no secret that I'm a huge fan of the Ferrari 812 GTS and 812 Superfast, so why you might be wondering have I not bought one, yet? Well, with my friend's stunning Novitec equipped GTS in the garage, let's go drive and dial into what's what and why.

Ferrari brought the 812 GTS to market as their first series production convertible front-engined V12 GT for many decades, and it sure is something absolutely spectacular. With a 6.5l NA V12 making 800hp, and in this case the fabulous Novitec exhaust system, it makes for one of the most exceptional aural experiences you could ever imagine.

My friend @b.f.alireza has been storing both his 812 GTS and Gunther Werks 993 at @The Shmuseum for the recent months but it's an absolute must to take this prancing horse out for a little run to get the fluids flowing through. In the meantime we can dig more into this question about why if I like it so much, have I not yet bought one?

There are a few reasons; the expected typical depreciation for a car like this, desires for a first new Ferrari to be a mid-engine V8 supercar, and having missed the boat now given all the cars have sold out and you can't order one. However, this is in much more detail in the video!


Episode titleFERRARI 812 GTS! Why Have I Not Bought One... YET?
Episode number1
Date addedJanuary 19, 2022
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