Double DISCO VOLANTE Drive! Visiting a Connoisseur's Car Collection

Added on Jun 27, 2019

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Join me to visit a true connoisseur's car collection featuring both the Touring Disco Volante Coupe and Spyder! Sitting alongside a Berlinetta Lusso, two Alfa Romeo 8Cs, an SLS Final Edition and Vanquish Zagato, let's take a look around these incredibly rare cars before taking both Disco Volantes out for a drive!

Touring build the Disco Volante on a donor Alfa Romeo 8C; the Competizione for the Coupe, or the Spyder for the open top variant, so it retains the 4.7l V8 and semi-automated gearbox with a truly glorious sound. The bodywork is entirely re done with beaten aluminium in a completely new design, along with a re-trimmed interior in a completely bespoke way created with the owner along the process.

While there are only a total of 8 Disco Volante Coupes and 7 Disco Volante Spiders, sitting alongside them is the Berlinetta Lusso, one of just 5 cars based on the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. Next up are the two Alfa Romeo 8Cs, first the Competizione coupe painted as a one-off in the original Disco Volante colour and next an 8C Spyder with a few Touring touches. Beyond those are the Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Volante and Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT Final Edition. Each car in the collection has a story, is from a limited build run and is truly a collectible vehicle.

The day ahead of us features discovery of both Disco Volantes; first up an outing in the Coupe, followed by the Spyder, to appreciate the fact that these cars exist and purely enjoy the experience. Combining the stunning exhaust note with the beautiful weather, and the amazing opportunity to drive these two cars together, what could be better! I must extend a huge thank you to the owner of the private collection for the invitation to not only visit the garage but also to experience these cars on the road.


Episode titleDouble DISCO VOLANTE Drive! Visiting a Connoisseur's Car Collection
Episode number8
Date addedJune 27, 2019
Run time26:27
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