Check Out the NEW Ferrari P80/C! | FIRST LOOK

Added on Mar 27, 2019

First look


The Ferrari P80/C is the latest Special Project to be delivered, and for the first time it is a model based on a racing product from Maranello; the Ferrari 488 GT3. As the ultimate, unique and bespoke one-off racing car that you could possibly buy it features many individual and historical touches so let's check it out and take a first look.

The 36th Special Project has been in the works for 4 years since being commissioned in 2015, and is a break away from the norm being developed on a racecar platform rather than the more familiar road car line-up. Without the rules of homologation for the road or even for a specific racing series, the P80/C includes nods back to the 330 P3/P4, 206 SP and 250 LM in a specific Rosso Vera paint colour. Powered by the 3.9l twin turbo V8 it also creates 690hp with plenty of downforce but also with a dual soul as the rear wing can be removed and different wheels placed on it for concours display.


Episode titleCheck Out the NEW Ferrari P80/C! | FIRST LOOK
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