Check Out the New BMW M2 Competition! | FIRST LOOK

Added on Apr 18, 2018

First look


The wraps are off the brand new BMW M2 Competition! The long-awaited car has arrived, now featuring the 410PS engine from the M3 and M4 amongst a host of upgrades that add more to the already popular sportscar.

With the regular BMW M2 now going out of production, the Competition arrives with just a £3k uplift in list price from the earlier car. The new engine increase power by 40PS and torque by 50Nm to 550Nm but also 55kg of additional weight. Visually there are significant changes to the front end, new wheels, and of course a new exhaust system at the back. On the inside, there are new Sports seats, adjustable driving dynamics with M1 and M2 buttons, along with the digital dashboard found in the facelifted model.

Join us for a walkaround and first look at the new M2 Competition during a studio session with BMW M. What do you think of BMW's new baby M?


Episode titleCheck Out the New BMW M2 Competition! | FIRST LOOK
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Date addedApril 18, 2018
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