Check Out the £1.2m Brabham BT62! | FIRST LOOK

Added on May 3, 2018

First look


Brabham are back and present to the world the new BT62 track-bred hypercar! A hugely significant name from the world of motorsport and F1, under the leadership of David Brabham the company relaunches in London with the presentation of the BT62.

The Brabham BT62 packs in a 5.4l naturally aspirated V8 with 710hp (700bhp) and 667Nm of torque, while weighing just 972kg giving it a power to weight of 730. Combine those numbers with 1,200kg of downforce, slick tyres, and based around a GT car frame, you can expect some serious track performance - effectively taking away the rule book from the restrictions placed on racecars.

The first car we see here is the development car that's been testing in Australia, where the cars are built in Adelaide. It's finished in a distinct green and gold livery to commemorate the 1966 France Grand Prix at Reims, where Sir Jack Brabham was victorious in a car wearing his own name in a season where even to this date he became the only man to win a championship in such a fashion.

With the Anglo-Australian routes of the Brabham family, the Australian High Commission in London at Australia House was chosen as the launch venue for the BT62, surrounded by an array of significant racecars from Brabham's history.


Episode titleCheck Out the £1.2m Brabham BT62! | FIRST LOOK
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