Check Out His BRAND NEW Ferrari 488 Pista!

Added on Feb 3, 2019

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This is a beautiful Ferrari 488 Pista! I caught up in Dubai with RSM, Ranjit Sundaramurthyto check out his brand newcar, fresh from collection and ready to go for a drive. Having not previously experience a 488 Pistaat all, this was a first for me and also a great opportunity to chat to Ranjit about the car and his social media.

The Pistais the track-focused variant of the Ferrari 488 GTB, with more power from the 3.9l TT V8 and significant aero changes including the S-duct at the front. Finished in Bianco Italia, this particular car has the main stripes in Tour de France Blu with the contrast of the gold pinstripes and painted wheels.

Meeting up with Ranjit in Dubai we take a quick look around the car before getting in to go for a drive around Dubai to see some of the sights and get a feel for what the Pistais like.


Episode titleCheck Out His BRAND NEW Ferrari 488 Pista!
Episode number2
Date addedFebruary 3, 2019
Run time16:55
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