Can Brabus Make the X-Class a Proper Mercedes?

Added on Jun 23, 2018

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Let's explore the Brabus X250d! The X-Class is an unusual car for Mercedes, built on the base of a Nissan Navara and in this case with further personalisation by the experts at Brabus. But is it really a Mercedes, or is it just a badge?The Brabus X250d takes power up from 190hp to 211 from the 2.3l turbo diesel, as well as torque from 450Nm to 510. It's not quick by any means, taking 11.5 seconds (vs 11.8s from factory) to get to 100km/h or 62mph. Cosmetically Brabus have sharpened up the appearance with a running lights installed beneath the bumper, a new exhaust system with quad tailpipes, the badges on the grille, larger 20" wheels rather than the standard 18"s and also the light bars on the top edge of the windshield.Mercedes entered into the pick-up market in partnership with Nissan so the X-Class and Navara are based on one and the same. There are a number of different models available including a 2 liter petrol and 3 different diesel engines: X220d, X250d and X350d, but even many of the body panels are shared between the two cars. Unfortunately it's been made clear that there won't be an AMG version to come, so no big V8s sadly!It has to be said though, the car has astounding presence, it genuinely seemed to turn heads and confuse onlookers and other drivers during my short test drive.


Episode titleCan Brabus Make the X-Class a Proper Mercedes?
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Date addedJune 23, 2018
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