Buying Supercars as Investments? | FUEL FOR THOUGHT

Added on Dec 14, 2020

Fuel For Thought


Supercars have become an asset class, with many making their buying decisions based on investment potential. Join me for a Fuel For Thought on the topic and some opinions from my perspective about the future, my own cars and new models being released. My Fuel For Thought, or FFT video series has always been an opportunity to share more from my experience of the automotive world and a common topic throughout my entire period working in the industry has surrounded the financial aspect of the supercar market. The last two decades have seen an unusual change in the norm when it comes to depreciation, or in some cases appreciation, of special and limited edition cars which may perhaps now be coming to an end. From car flipping, to the rapid introduction of new models, let me share some of my own feelings about the investment market of cars in general and what it might mean going forwards with the simultaneous situations of a growing number of such cars being produced, along with potential restrictions for how they are even used. Thanks for watching, Tim


Episode titleBuying Supercars as Investments? | FUEL FOR THOUGHT
Episode number1
Date addedDecember 14, 2020
Original dateDecember 11, 2020
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