Back at the Wheel of My Cayman GT4!

Added on Sep 22, 2016

The Shmeemobiles


I'm in Sardinia for a drive in the Cayman GT4 on the Duncan Hamilton tour around the island. The Porsche may not be a classic but the line-up surrounding it is truly special.During the recent Fuel Faction tour there were a lot of comments about why I spent most of my time at the wheel of the 675LT Spider - in fact pretty much all of it. Well this trip now seemed like the perfect opportunity to get behind the GT4 and remember all that is so great about it while surrounded by beautiful Ferraris, Jaguars and so on. Speed isn't of the essence but pure enjoyment of the locations, roads and driving - a task the GT4 is well suited. Plus, let's be real, I wasn't going to take my Mini all the way to Sardinia!


Episode titleBack at the Wheel of My Cayman GT4!
Episode number36
Date addedSeptember 22, 2016
Run time17:37
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