300km/h in Daniel Abt's 740hp RS7-R! MONSTROUS Daily Driver

Added on Nov 16, 2020

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Daniel Abt runs the most monstrous daily driver possible, the Abt RS7-R! It's an absolute beast with 740hp, a unique design, numerous carbon parts, a new exhaust and more; plus being one of only 125 RS7-Rs being built. Let's check it out before getting out for an Autobahn blast to 300km/h! Daniel and I often cross paths at events around the world, so for a while I hoped our schedules would link up and we could check out his RS7-R to go through all of the details and experience what it's like. During a visit to the Abt HQ we finally managed to make this happen and go out for a drive together. The RS7-R takes power up from 600hp to 740hp and torque from 800Nm to 920Nm, clearly making it a very, very capable machine while still being an ideal daily cruiser. Nowhere demonstrates the power and performance better than a run on the de-restricted German Autobahn despite the inclement weather where the modified Audi RS7 absolutely holds its own in an impressive way.


Episode title300km/h in Daniel Abt's 740hp RS7-R! MONSTROUS Daily Driver
Episode number1
Date addedNovember 16, 2020
Run time13:54


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