300km/h Aventador S Test Drive on the Autobahn! | REVIEW

Added on Sep 28, 2017

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When I'm given the keys to a Lamborghini Aventador S, it would be a crime not to head to the Autobahn and listen to that 6.5 litre V12 roar! With 740 horsepower and the most dramatic looks you could imagine, the Aventador S has no issues easily exceeding 300km/h. This stunning car comes from Lamborghini Frankfurt and must be the true definition of a supercar, attracting more attention than you can imagine everywhere it goes. Is there anything that is more 'supercar' to you?

Having had a first outing in the Aventador S, this was a great opportunity to follow it up on some different roads and with an open Autobahn to explore. This particular car, finished in Blu Nila, is the demonstrator from Dörr Group Lamborghini Frankfurt, based at the Klassikstadt.


Episode title300km/h Aventador S Test Drive on the Autobahn! | REVIEW
Episode number23
Date addedSeptember 28, 2017
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