£10,000 ULTIMATE Sound System for My SLS Black Series!

Added on Dec 20, 2020

The Shmeemobiles


My SLS AMG Black Series is having the ultimate sound system installed at Cambridge Car Audio! A fully bespoke £10,000 Audison Thesis configuration has been chosen for the purpose so let's check out the components that will be fitted and see the fabrication underway. As you will know, this car is a permanent member of the Shmeemobiles and ever since collection I have been making it entirely my own. From changing the colour to Mystic Blue, giving it silver wheels, and even installing the RENNtech R1 Package, this has all been done for me. My particular SLS Black Series missed a few items from factory when it was first ordered so I've already added back the carbon mirrors and the carbon door sills, but it also lacked the upgrade factory sound system and now we're going to be fixing that! Cambridge Car Audio are establish in the industry, working with very high end cars and regularly installing systems in Aventadors and Huracans so they are carrying out the works. For the SLS BS, the process is fairly intensive and carries a total over £10,000 including all parts and labour. While fundamentally it is based around an Audison Thesis configuration, we're also adding Android Auto to significantly upgrade the car's original infotainment too and give the option for playback of high quality files from a phone connected. The Shmeemobile's set up includes the following: Audison Thesis 1.5 II Violino Audison Thesis 6.5 II Sax Audison Voce AV 3.0 Audison Prima APS 8 R Audison Prima AP4.9bit Audison Prima AP4 D Audison Prima AP1 D Audison bit DMI Audison OP 1.5 TOSLINK Android Auto Kit Custom A Pillars Skizn Sound Proofing Custom Speaker Rings Speaker Cables and Amp Wiring Kit Custom Sub Boxes After the car is delivered by Duntbarn Logistics, let's get it inside and take a look at the sound system installed in the demonstrator Mustang 5.0 GT. Then it's time to return back to Cambridge Car Audio at a mid-stage to understand more of the bespoke process that goes in to building such a system. It's always a little bit of a shock to see a car 'in pieces' but it's all part of the project and in this case the 8 speakers and 3 amps will fundamentally be installed beneath the surface and very much in an OEM way. The Audison 8" subs will sit in bespoke sub boxes under the rear parcel shelf, an area that's otherwise vacant, as well as housing the amps similarly. The Thesis mid-range fit on the original mounting brackets, as do the Voce mid-bass units in the footwells. For the Thesis Tweeters, a bespoke set of A pillars is being created to precisely position the angles and ensure the perfect sound quality for the occupants before it's all completely calibrated upon completion. You'll be able to keep in touch with the full process directly via Cambridge Car Audio's channel and Instagram feed, currently bringing you through what's being done to it live! They are doing some incredible work which I am very thankful for


Episode title£10,000 ULTIMATE Sound System for My SLS Black Series!
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Date addedDecember 20, 2020
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