Rideapart Review Sena 10C

Added on Aug 13, 2020


The Sena 10C is the first the Bluetooth headset that combines a camera and comm into one unit. And luckily, Rideapart, Senior Editor Jesse Kiser and Contributing Editor Jim Downs have the opportunity to take it for a spin. The built-in camera on the Sena 10C records video at 1080p:30fps, and shoots photographs in single, burst, and time lapse. The Bluetooth intercom connects with up to four other headsets and has a universal paring mode, which allows the 10C to link with other brand Bluetooth comms. Being that the camera is integrated, you can record your conversations over the intercom, your music, and even phone calls.


Episode titleRideapart Review Sena 10C
Episode number8
Date addedAugust 13, 2020
Original dateJune 19, 2015
Run time6:01
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