RideApart: Kawasaki H2R racing at El Mirage

Added on Aug 13, 2020


A factory stock H2R recorded a speed of 142.770 miles per hour at last weekend's June 14-15 SCTA (Southern California Timing Association) land speed trials meet, which was held on the dry lakebed at El Mirage California. The H2R was spotted on Saturday, June 14th being trailered along the 1.3 mile lakebed race course alongside teams from Kawasaki USA and Japan. When asked why the H2R was wearing race slick tires, a Kawasaki team member was overheard explaining that they were interested in seeing how the H2R performed in its stock load out.

[Correction: We received word from Kawasaki, that while some of the members work for Kawasaki, this was not endorsed by the company. From Kawasaki: "In fact, the team present is on holiday at their own expenses, including the bike and equipment. In other words-- it is not an official test / race participation by Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. or Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd."]


Episode titleRideApart: Kawasaki H2R racing at El Mirage
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