Worse than Fyre Festival - Past Gas #36

Added on Aug 17, 2020



As we continue our journey through the history of the now infamous Hells Angels, James, Joe, and Nolan take a thorough look at the event that forever tarnished their name, The Altamont Free Concert. Initially booked as a sister concert to the biggest festival at the time, Woodstock, The Altamont Free Concert almost didn’t happen when security dropped out last minute. The Hells Angels stepped in and took over, but their decision would consequently defame the beloved motorcycle outlaws. However, was the disaster at Altamont really their fault? We’ll find out in Part Four of our series on the Hells Angels!


Episode titleWorse than Fyre Festival - Past Gas #36
Episode number23
Date addedAugust 17, 2020
Original dateMay 17, 2020
Run time58:55
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