Senna: The Early Years - Senna Pt. 1 - Past Gas #38

Added on Aug 17, 2020



Today on Past Gas we’re tackling one of our most requested topics- the one and only AYRTON SENNA. Over our 4 part series, we’re gonna look into every aspect of the legendary racer’s career: Today’s ep focuses on Ayrton’s start in karting and jump to British Formula 3. Next week in Part 2, we’ll look at Senna’s early and difficult years in Formula 1, driving for teams like Toleman and Lotus. Part 3 will dive into the Brazilian’s time at McLaren and his rivalry with teammate Alain Prost. Finally in Part 4, we’ll examine the fateful day at Imola that took Senna’s life. This is Senna’s story like you’ve never heard it. This is Past Gas.


Episode titleSenna: The Early Years - Senna Pt. 1 - Past Gas #38
Episode number25
Date addedAugust 17, 2020
Original dateMay 31, 2020
Run time50:00
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