Hell’s Angels - Heroes or Villains? Pt 1: The Rise - Past Gas #33

Added on Aug 17, 2020



Join Nolan, James, and Joe as they try to separate fact from fiction on the most notorious motorcycle club ever, The Hells Angels. To get an accurate picture of the Angels you need to understand how and why motorcycle clubs were founded in the first place. So in this episode we’re going back, way back, all the way to the invention of the first bicycle. From there we’ll follow companies like Indian and Harley Davidson as their bikes become popular amongst war torn soldiers. We’ll also find out how Pancho Villa may have inadvertently helped Harley land their first military contract, and how the small Milwaukee company went from Los Angeles motordrome to the New York Stock Exchange. It’s a crazy story that you won’t want to miss!


Episode titleHell’s Angels - Heroes or Villains? Pt 1: The Rise - Past Gas #33
Episode number20
Date addedAugust 17, 2020
Original dateApril 26, 2020
Run time1:06:05
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