F1's Greatest Rivalries: Hamilton vs Alonso - Past Gas #90

Added on Jun 9, 2021



Today on Past Gas, one of the greatest rivalries in modern Formula One - Lewis Hamilton versus Fernando Alonso. What were the origins of the rivalry, and how did it lead to one of the most awkward peach-eating incidents of all time? How did Lewis, as a rookie, get under the champion’s skin so easily? How did a pit stop threaten to destroy McLaren’s relationship with Alonso? How did the rivalry set the tone for F1 for years to come? The year is 2007, Steve Jobs just announced the iPhone, Shrek the Third is out in theatres, and McLaren had two drivers who hated each other. All the F1 drama you can handle, on today’s podcast.


Episode titleF1's Greatest Rivalries: Hamilton vs Alonso - Past Gas #90
Episode number1
Date addedJune 9, 2021
Original dateJune 6, 2021
Run time59:21

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