NEW Gordon Murray T50s - The Ultimate £3.2m V12 Supercar!?

Added on Feb 24, 2021


New Gordon Murray T.50s V12 supercar might just be the greatest drivers car ever to be conceived. From the man that designed the McLaren F1 the T50s has a naturally aspirated engine that revs to 12,100 rpm! The car weighs just 852kg with 725bhp giving it a better power to weight ratio than the car that came 2nd at LeMans last year! It uses GMA iconic fan design for superior levels of downforce - capable of developing 1500kg at its top speed of over 200mph! The new T50s will be limited to just 25 cars and costs £3.2m before tax. Today we have a chat with Gordon Murray himself to discover the incredible details of this stunning new supercar...


Episode titleNEW Gordon Murray T50s - The Ultimate £3.2m V12 Supercar!?
Episode number1
Date addedFebruary 24, 2021
Run time32:42
ProductionMr JWW


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