McLaren F1 - A 3000 Mile Celebration

Added on Aug 25, 2020


The McLaren F1 is powered by a 6.1-litre, four-cam, 48-valve V12 engine, designed and built by BMW Motorsport. It produces 627bhp at 7400rpm and more than 479lb ft of torque all the way from 4000 to 7000rpm. This combined with the F1’s 1138kg kerb weight to give a power-to-weight ratio of 550bhp per tonne. To this day the McLaren F1 is the fastest naturally aspirated production road car ever made!

In May of 2017 a group of friends embarked on a 3000 mile adventure with the McLaren F1 to ultimately celebrate the 25th anniversary of the iconic supercar..


Episode titleMcLaren F1 - A 3000 Mile Celebration
Episode number21
Date addedAugust 25, 2020
Original dateApril 12, 2020
Run time1:15:55
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