Monaco wine tasting | How to pick the best wines on race day

Added on Jul 1, 2021


Monaco encompasses everything that is glamorous about Formula 1. It’s a demanding circuit on the drivers, which makes the champagne on the podium all the more deserved. But while the celebrations are iconic, it’s not the only place the champagne flows in Monaco. Whether it’s at the countless after parties at the Amber Lounge, or in hospitality trackside during the race, it’s safe to say that the champagne flows at Monaco like nowhere else. But do you really know if you’re sipping the right stuff? How do you choose the perfect drink based on what inside the bottle, not just on the label? That’s why we teamed up with expert London wine merchants and experts Lea & Sandeman. We wanted to find out if the big brands were worth the money, or if digging a little deeper into the unknown was worthwhile. Armed with that knowledge, we’d know we’re making the right choices at the bar on race day.


Episode titleMonaco wine tasting | How to pick the best wines on race day
Episode number1
Date addedJuly 1, 2021
Original dateOctober 30, 2020
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