Why Renault's billion-dollar F1 gamble is failing

Added on Aug 13, 2019

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Renault is the team under the most pressure to bridge the gap between Formula 1's midfield and the big three teams, but this year its progress appears to have stalled and it is struggling to even hang onto fourth place in the pecking order. Ben Anderson is joined by Stuart Codling and Edd Straw for a special discussion about how F1 Racing magazine came to its $1billion figure for the Renault F1 project, why even that hasn't been enough, what's specifically going wrong with this year's car, and why Renault might never be able to catch up to the big teams even in F1's upcoming 'budget cap' era


Episode titleWhy Renault's billion-dollar F1 gamble is failing
Episode number73
Date addedAugust 13, 2019
Run time6:42
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