Why F1 has got its fastest lap bonus point rule wrong

Added on Aug 21, 2020

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Formula 1 has brought back an old rule from the first decade of the world championship, and it will offer a bonus point to whichever driver sets fastest lap in each race - providing he finishes in the top 10. However, by adding that caveat, which is probably based on how the rule has been applied - and sometimes manipulated - in other series, has F1 in fact taken away the chance to make the bonus point more interesting? Andrew van de Burgt and Stuart Codling join Glenn Freeman to discuss the flaws in the new rule, and they highlight their fears that it won't really be much of a worthwhile talking point during grands prix


Episode titleWhy F1 has got its fastest lap bonus point rule wrong
Episode number185
Date addedAugust 21, 2020
Original dateMarch 12, 2019
Run time9:24
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