02:07Race action

Highlights from round 1


The tracks for round 2

07:49Special event

A lap of the Silverstone GP circuit

10:11Race action

Qualifying for race 4, Silverstone

18:43Race action

The grid for race 4

20:29Special event

Ssemper having fun

22:35Special event

Will Brown's highlights from his first season in Supercars

27:30Race action

Grid order for race 4

29:29Race action

Race 4 from Silverstone is live!

49:49Race action

Race 4 final result


The winner HAR05 on the race

56:03Race action

The points standings after 4 races

58:26Special event

Race 5, Hockenheim preview

01:01:10Race action

Race 5 grid order

01:02:00Race action

Race 5 from Hockenheimring

01:21:00Race action

Race 5 result

01:22:23Race action

Race 5 highlights


Ssemper on the race win

01:28:15Race action

Points after 5 races

01:29:33Special event

Race 6, Catalunya preview

01:31:44Race action

Race 6 grid order

01:32:31Race action

Race 6 from Catalunya

01:52:32Race action

Race 6 result


MadRacer38 on the race win

01:57:35Race action

Championship standings after 6 races

01:59:45Race action

Highlights from round 2

Round 2 - European Leg

Added on Mar 20, 2020

Boost Mobile Supercars e-Series


We're going LIVE for Round 2 of the Boost Mobile Supercars e-Series, the official esports competition of Supercars.


Episode titleRound 2 - European Leg
Episode number2
Date addedMarch 20, 2020
Original dateOctober 23, 2018
Run time2:01:24
CategoryRacing coverage


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