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World Trials Britain 1986

Added on May 8, 2019

Duke Classics - Bike Trials


After Eddy Lejeune's success in the opening round of the 1986 World Trials Championship in Belgium, the opposition was determined to reply in the second round at Pateley Bridge in Yorkshire, England. Thierry Michaud mounted a serious challenge to take the points and his main support came from Englishman Steve Saunders. This year he was riding the latest Rothman's Honda RTL250SW and had assistance from enduro expert Derrick Edmundson in his bid for victory. For over seven hours the stars laboured over their task and the eventual outcome, that five different machines finished in the top six places, serves only to show that the 1986 championship was one of the best yet.


Episode titleWorld Trials Britain 1986
Episode number4
Date addedMay 8, 2019
Original dateMarch 16, 1986
Run time53:03
CategoryRacing coverage

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