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Swiftly Does It!


Duke Classics - Havoc


Get ready for the 'real' 'Italian Job'! Minis on two wheels, handbrake parallel parking at frightening speeds and downright mental manoeuvring! This action-packed documentary guides you though the unique career of the world's number one display driver, Russ Swift! Russ Swift's incredible career includes numerous TV commercials and car launches that span the globe, over 8000 displays in over 50 countries, three Guinness World Records and international acclaim for his manoeuvres in the Montego 'Car Park' advert. The man who taught grannies to do do-nuts on Top Gear is truly at his very best! 85% of visitors to this year's 'British Motorshow Live' at NEC in Birmingham voted Russ' display the best feature! This fantastic DVD takes you through some of Russ' most famous and popular stunts with on-board cams that show you exactly how he does it and what it feels like to ride alongside him! With previously unseen footage from Russ' early years (including many failed attempts at two wheel driving stunts) we see his very first shows in Minis and Montegos, as well as spectacular shots where the legendary driver gets a huge truck on two wheels. Special features include Russ' show-stopping performance at the greatest road racing festival in the world, TT 2005 in the Isle of Man.

ChannelDuke Classic Videos
ProgramDuke Classics - Havoc
Episode titleSwiftly Does It!
Episode number4
Run time53:52

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